Monday, March 31, 2008

Mission Accomplished: Earth Hour and a Half 2008

I have to admit, a bit sheepishly, I really enjoyed shutting off our lights, computer, television, radio, and even our phone for Earth Hour 2008. Granted, we left the humidifier in the baby's room on, and we didn't unplug the digital clocks. Yet we started just before eight o'clock, and we finally gave in to the pull of technology at about half past nine.

What did we do? Nothing too stunning. We lit a few candles. We chatted about our child, the week, apartment possibilities, how lucky we feel to be where we are (both literally and figuratively). We also shared a bowl of ice cream (Mmmmm. Breyer's Vanilla Fudge Twirl.) by candlelight. Not quite the romantic dinner I had created in fantasy, but it was darn good.

I suggested that we do a version of Earth Hour every week; my husband seemed less than thrilled, but he'll come around. I actually felt more relaxed and peaceful than I have in a long time. It was great!

Always the contrarian, hubby pointed out that we were probably the only ones within several blocks who were doing this. The lights from the park did penetrate our blinds with ferocity. Always the contrarian's answerer, I said it didn't matter. Did he have a problem with just hanging out with his loving wife and some candles? And wasn't it nice that we could snuggle and talk on the couch without the drone of electronic entertainment in the background?

We'll see if it becomes a weekly occasion. I hope so, but then I also thought I'd change more of my habits after seeing An Inconvenient Truth.


Anonymous said...

We didn't get your email about earth hour until after it was over, but all the lights/TVs/computers at our house were off on Saturday from 8-9 since we were not home. Does that count? Glad you enjoyed it.


Davey said...

Hmmm...I just noticed I've been posting my comments under my husband's account, but this is me, Rachel. I think that I want to do an earth hour every week also! I loved it!

And btw, I am loving this little blog- you are a great writer, which considering your profession, shouldn't be surprising. I am however, a tad bit more aware of my grammar and punctuation problems as I write this :)