Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kimiko Hahn. A Brooklyn Poet!

Kimiko Hahn's collection The Artist's Daughter is readable, easy to relate to, and punctuated by images that cause slight discomfort.

You can read about Kimiko Hahn in the brief bio here.

I chose a piece of a poem called
"In Childhood" from
The Artist's Daughter
. It makes allusions to several fairy tales,
which is one of my favorite tactics.
I also like this excerpt because
it reminds me of another poem about childhood,

"His Speed and Strength" by fellow Brooklynite, Alicia Ostriker.

from "In Childhood"

Where do the gone things go

when the child is old enough

to walk herself to school,

her playmates already

pumping so high the swing hiccups?

The Artist's Daughter
is published by W.W. Norton, and is available
on Amazon, but visiting your library or
local bookstore is so much nicer.

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