Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mommy Poppins encourages us to eat locally

With farmer's market season coming (the Sunset Park FM starts in July!), a lot of us start to think more about vegetables that don't come frozen or in a can. And we look forward to fruit with FLAVOR!

The closest CSA (community supported agriculture) to Sunset Park is the Greenwood Heights CSA. Unlike Urban Organics, you pick up your food every week for part of the year. I believe half-shares are also available if every other week is enough for you. The fruits and veggies come from Hearty Roots Community Farm in Tivoli, NY. The main couple behind the farm was featured in the NYT Style section not too long ago. They are Brooklyn transplants who now provide Brooklyn with fresh veggies. Gotta love that.

Here's a quickie guide to what to buy organic or not, and how to try to reduce your impact on the environment. The Mommy Poppins site did a great job of breaking down the main areas. It's also got some handy resources. Not everything must be organic to be acceptable (and it will certainly help your money holder of choice to stay a little bulky). Mmmmmmm. Enjoy!

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