Friday, April 25, 2008

A Playground Option for the Smaller Set

As this last week of school vacation has shown, the Sunset Park playground can be decidedly unfriendly to those kiddies who are still unsteady on their feet...or for those who are smaller than the tweens and teens (and we think NYC makes kids grow up too fast!) who barrel around the playground as advertising for Red Bull.

A fellow Sunset Park parent recently discovered an option for the smaller kids. The playground on the 44th Street and 7th Avenue side of the elementary school is sometimes available to the public.

Here's what she said:

On a separate note, today we were able to use the playground of the school on the corner of 44th and 7th avenue. The playground was literally empty and we had a great time. The security people were there and said that it will be open on and off since last Monday they had an incident of someone breaking a window and some kids doing graffiti. They told us we could use the playground when it's open (it's really toddler friendly!), they even told us that if we see that the gates are closed, we can ring the bell to the school (on 7th ave side) and they'll open the playground for us (this is as long as you see some car parked in that back playground - a blue van or a white mercedes).

This will be great during the summer too, when the playground gets super crazy. The security people are also there during the weekend. Again, as long as you see some car parked inside the school's playground, that means that the security people are inside, which would mean you can use the playground.

They also asked us that if we ever see someone making damage to the playground to call 311 or 911. This will help keep that playground open and safer.

It's a very cute playground, and it's a better size for toddlers than the SP playground equipment. See you there!

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