Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bed Bugs Get the Spotlight

Yesterday, my downstairs neighbors left out a very pretty two piece couch on the sidewalk. It was gone within an hour or so. I have to say, while I'm confident that there are no bedbugs in said couch, how could the person who took it know that? Picking up furniture on the street is fun and adventurous and hearkens back to our hunter and gatherer instincts, I know. But really, it can be quite dangerous. At least if you buy a piece of furniture at a stoop sale you can casually look the seller over for welts or bites. Ask to see her sexy back tattoo or something, right? Compliment and then check out his six-pack (even if it's a four-pack of wine coolers), no? So, anyway, I was thinking about that for about three minutes last night, and then I saw a bed bug informational meeting post on Talk about timely!

Now, the information session's notes to which I will link were taken at a Greenpoint meeting, but it's relevant to everyone, even Sunset Park, right? It's chock full of information, so check it out.

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