Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sunset Park Artist Completes 613 Commandments: Archie Rand

The Brooklyn Paper details how Archie Rand, whose gallery is on 55th Street in Sunset Park, recently completed a 15 by 93 foot mural of the 613 Old Testament Commandment. The comic, colorful style is, as Rand describes, "garish" and "vulgar." The photos in The Brooklyn Paper don't seem too vulgar to me, so either there is a lot more to be seen or my sensibilities have been corrupted. Rand is a professor at Brooklyn College, and he has exhibited his work all over the world.

Sadly, this mural had a one-time showing in Clinton Hill almost a week ago. It would be wonderful to have another showing. Isn't there a space in Sunset Park large enough to show it? I suppose the Rec Center doesn't want "vulgar" and "garish" images around the after-school program. Oh dear. The full article has photos of several commandments. Links to some of Rand's other work can be found on

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