Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunset Park's Chinatown Gets Some Press

Brooklyn's Chinatown had a busy week in two popular publications.

The Village Voice's Robert Sietsema gushes about our Chinatown as being less crowded, less touristy (for now), more sunny and just better than other boroughs. Here is a particularly gushy-gush: "The scene that flanks you as you float northward on Eighth is a salutary one, with vendors selling soft bean curd, miniature Hong Kong cakes, and banana-leaf-wrapped rice meals studded with sausages and dates." I can't say I've ever floated along 8th Avenue, but it's lovely to see some attention given to places other than Pacificana and Ocean Palace. Mr. Sietsema focuses on noodle shops with a passing nod to a Vietnamese sandwich shop in the 50's. Sadly, he didn't make it past 46th Street, so he didn't stop in to Ba Xuyen, but it gets props in the next publication. Check out his mentions of the Hong Kong Supermarket, Lan Zhou, Quickly, Than Da, China Tea, and Yun Nan flavor snack here.

Ears at Ba Xuyen's #1 sandwich get noticed in TimeOutNY's Restaurants & Bars section. It's the second section of "Think Pig" in Issue 659. It comes with a lovely graphic that shows a poor little piggie's edible parts...pretty much the entire pig.

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