Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunset Park's Sara Gonzalez Spends Big

In the wake of the news about slashed Community Board budgets for next year, yesterday's Daily News had an article about City Council members' spending habits. The story was nowhere near the front page of the News, so maybe some people missed it.

Sunset Park's representative to the City Council was highlighted first. Yeah! Apparently, she spent almost $42,000 on consultants last year - NOT an election year for her. Considering that the median income in SP is just over $30, 000, that hurts. I don't begrudge her quality consulting, but shouldn't there be some bidding for services or shopping around? Here's the blurb about Gonzalez:

Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez (D-Brooklyn) topped the charts with $41,923 in consulting fees, according to records obtained under the Freedom of Information Law. Half went to her communications director, Michael Schweinsburg, and $11,000 went to Promotional Strategies, a Queens-based campaign consulting agency. Gonzalez defended her spending, noting, "I'm very careful."

Please, Ms. Gonzalez, hire a consulting agency in BROOKLYN! C'mon.

At least she didn't charge her accounts $1,160 for Crystal Apples like Diana Reyna, also of Brooklyn, did. Someone should show her to better priced tourism items for gifts.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what else is new.

it seems that passion has been replaced by glory.

the district is a mess in a lot of ways. the scandal with the mentally challenged, the congestion pricing backlash, the ikea effect in a few weeks (get ready for parking lot chillin) not to mention, the fact that certain sponsors" are secretly planning succession rights after sarah gonzalez for both her spot and the district leader spot. i can go on and on and on about many things.

they should know that their community on 4th 3rd and 2nd avenue are paying attention.

well as it was said, prostitution is the oldest profession and the second would be politics.