Sunday, May 11, 2008

We're Losing HO HO

I got the shock of my week on Saturday when I went to pick up and drop off my shirts. First, I was confronted with this sign:

My innocent mind thought, "Oh how nice. She's taking a well-deserved vacation!" But when I asked how long the place would be closed, both she and her son looked at me for what seemed like a very long time and the son broke the terrible news. Ho Ho Cleaners and Tailors of 8th Avenue and 47th Street was really, really closing. At least in that location. You know why they are moving? RENT! It's more than doubling, apparently. Whoever the landlord is hasn't looked up the street one block to see the two empty storefronts that have been trying to get tenants for almost a year now. (More on that later in the week.)

And where are they moving? Get this: PARK SLOPE! 4th Street and 7th Avenue. My confused look must have translated into: "Uhhh. Isn't the rent a lot higher there?" because the son explained that they could charge a lot more there for cleaning and tailoring than here. I'll say. This place put in perfect cuffs on several pairs of pants for nothing, and it's been taking care of my husband's shirts for years. It may seem like a splurge, but wrinkled shirts are depressing in the AM.

I have to say, I was (and am) so sad about this. I have enjoyed trekking over to Ho Ho to pick up shirts and have micro-chats with the proprietress. She's very friendly and capable and Park Slope doesn't deserve her! Well, I've dropped off my last batch of button-downs with Ho Ho. And now I have to find a place that will clean and press shirts for me for a reasonable sum.

This is clearly a sign that residents are going to have to chase rents in the near future. What's next? No more $3.50 sandwiches from Ba Xuyen?

Thank you, Ho Ho, you have indeed been Very Good to us! Best of luck in Park Slope, and the store fronts on 8th and 46th/47th will probably still be open if and when you want to return.

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