Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kudos to Bay Ridge Message Board

Need a reason to Say Something if you See Something? How about a reason to stay vigilant and active in your neighborhood and on your block?

The Bay Ridge drug bust, in houses often referred to as a Crack Dens by locals on various message boards, is featured in today's New York Times. Credit is given to the Discussion Board for bringing attention to the 93rd Street houses and its nefarious activities.

from the NYT article:

As descriptions of crack houses go, the ones the bloggers gave of the homes on 93rd Street were hardly novel, with stories of addicts slumped on the steps outside and cars coming and going at all hours. Men inside chased strangers away, neighbors said, waving sticks and making threats while the rest of the street peered out behind drawn blinds.

But peering turned to blogging, and blogging turned to action, as neighbors started filing complaints with the 68th Precinct station house and attending Community Board 10 meetings and generally making noise until a narcotics investigation began, leading to the arrests.

Can Sunset Park residents think of anything around here that could use the same attention turned to action?

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