Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunset Park Prepares for Puerto Rican Day Parade

It seems there is a lot of disbelief when it comes to those who claim that a decent amount of Puerto Ricans still live in Sunset Park. Not every Boricua has left yet. In fact, many homeowners want us to know that they are still here.

Besides several in-front-of-the-house booths selling beads and flags and patches and coqui items, a lot of homes and plenty of cars have been adorned with the other red, white, and blue.

If you want to purchase PR Parade gear, check out 47th Street close to 6th, 44th Street close to 5th, and a roving retailer on 5th Avenue around the high 30's.

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José said...

I love my native my island and love my flag. It's wonderful to see symbols of pride. However, attaching a flag to a car hood and to tire rims is desecration and sacrosanct.