Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunset Pool is Popular Even When Rain is Imminent.

Despite occasional sprinkles during the break time (3-4 PM) before the second session on Saturday, the line was long, patient, and determined. Soon after this photo was taken, the rain began in earnest, and the pool afternoon idea had to be abandoned. Today looks much more promising, but since scattered thunderstorms are promised, the second session might also be scrapped. Hopefully not!

At a little past 9 AM on Saturday we encountered a young man who was first in line for the first session (at 11 AM). He said that the pool was cold, but "awesome." He said that since it would be packed, he was making sure he got a good locker and a chair. I hope he got what he waited all that time for!

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wannabe grower said...

I arrived at around 12:45 on Sunday and there was no line at all. It was cold, but not too bad.

(The other side of this coin is that on Saturday we tried to go at around 5pm, right before the downpour, and got turned away because some of the kids who had been thrown out threw a glass bottle over the fence, it shattered, and they had to clean the glass out of the pool itself. Lifeguards recommended coming for the morning session as it is generally less rowdy).