Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2nd Update, less speculation, About Monday

Apparently, police are now interviewing people who have first-hand information about Monday night's shooting. According to a Sunset Park resident who lives on the park, her neighbor, a witness to the incident, said detectives were coming by tonight to gather information. She also shared that a 13 year old girl was the shooting victim, and that the person who fired the shots was also very young.

If the ages are correct, it's an even more pathetic and sad incident.


Anonymous said...

Victim? Was there a victim?

There was a teen aged girl crying hysterically after the incident at the Park. But by the time the cops came down she had calmed down and moved away. The cops did not question her.

My wife was at the Park during the incident and she thought the sound was from Fire crackers.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

And that's why they are asking questions of people who were actually there. If your wife saw the incident, she could call the precinct to share that information. Others seem to think a young girl was struck and ran off.