Thursday, July 10, 2008

9th Avenue D Station Won't Be Going to Rehab

AM NewYork has a story this morning about the MTA's cuts and how they will affect subway stations. According to the article, the MTA claims that the delayed repairs won't affect public safety. However, they will contribute to already depressed-looking stations. Three Brooklyn stations are spotlighted; one of them is the 9th Avenue D Station on 39th Street.

from the article:

9th Avenue on the D line:

Garbage is strewn on the tracks, the overhead pipes are repaired with duct tape, paint is peeling off the ceiling, graffiti is everywhere, a wobbly wooden banister is held together with duct tape, water is dripping from the ceiling, pillars are rusting and the cement platform is full of cracks.

"It's terrible. It looks horrible," said Sharon Rhamoolie, 33, of Sunset Park. "There's always stuff breaking and peeling everywhere. The appearance is really bad. When it rains forget about it. It's everywhere. There's always pigeons all around. They live here."

Sadly, this station has long been neglected. From the description above, it certainly sounds like
there are some public safety issues. A wobbly banister and cracked platform being the most obvious. I mean, who knows what's lurking in the dripping ceiling water. Can't be worse than Canal Street, I suppose. But then, with a name like Canal Street, you expect it.

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