Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gourmet Eatery to Open: Dee-lish

Dee-lish (inspired by Rachel Ray?) is the newest addition to the 4th Avenue stretch of Sunset Park. It's right on the 45th corner with the train station entrance/exit to keep it company. The hope (of the owners, at least) is that it will open this Wednesday. I'm always amazed at the speed with which these places can prepare. Considering what the inside looked like today, I'm not so sure Wednesday will be the day. One of the people inside said that it's going to be a deli, and when I asked if it would be selling groceries as well, I was met with a perplexed look. I guess that's still up in the air.

It's a decent location. The 45th Street stop has become more and more busy in recent years. They'll probably do a decent AM business, if nothing else.


Big D said...

This place has been in transition from record store to "deli" for months! Based on appearances, my expectations for this place are low. The set up is inefficient - most of the interior space is used for display cases with room maybe for a few bar stools and maybe a small table or two. More seating would have been nice; grab a bagel and coffee, read the paper, etc. I wonder if they will offer more than just sliced "boar's head" ham sandwiches and things of that sort. If not, they will be hard pressed to compete with Sunset Deli down the block on 43rd and 4th.

Shannon said...

I just walked by here yesterday and picked up a menu. One thing's for sure, the cookies smelled amazing.