Friday, July 18, 2008

Heat Wave Tips

Our second heat wave is upon us. Here are some suggestions from the last one. One difference is that the OEM has a few cooling centers open in our area. Check where your closest one is by visiting their website, or by calling 311. Their page also have some additional tips for staying cool and beating the heat and warning signs of heat stroke and other heat related ailments.

Remember that libraries, grocery stores, and big stores (Target, CostCo) will be cool and relatively interesting as places to wander around. Also, a visit to the Brooklyn Museum (or any museum) is cool and large. They also have that fun fountain that kids love to watch (but can't go in to).

If you have neighbors or family who are elderly, have trouble getting out of the house, or don't have air conditioning, give them a call or stop by. Asking for help is a tough thing for a lot of people, even to the point of physical danger.

Don't forget the Sunset Pool, the sprinklers in various parks, and

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