Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sunset Park's Green Market Produce and Flowers

This year's opening day of Sunset Park's Green Market (every Saturday at 4th Avenue and 59th Street) was busy, bustling, and full of good looking fruits, veggies, flowers, and fragrant basil and cilantro. These selections were truly gorgeous. At $4 a pint, the cherries were tempting, but still a little over my budget. It was $6 for a quart.

These potted plants were waiting to be displayed outside of the sun's reach.

Even before 9 AM, the people came to buy. Almost all of the vendors displayed signs that EBT and Farmer's Market checks would be accepted. Lots of people took advantage of that option.

At 50 cents an ear, it wasn't a huge deal, but the table was surrounded by eager husk-strippers looking for the perfect kernel. Perhaps later in the season we'll get a better selection; I found several ears with deflated kernels on the top third.

These flowers were really beautiful. They, and the potted plants at another table, were the only offerings of purely decorative elements.

Mmmmmm. These, and the calabasa next to them, looked so good. The stand wasn't happy about having a photo taken, until I promised no people were included in the shot.