Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update (sort of, including speculation) on the Shots Fired Monday Night

I've had several emails asking me if anything new has been found out about the "alleged" shots fired on Monday night. The short answer is: Nothing official. As of yesterday (there was no answer this morning), the 72nd Precinct asserts that there was no shooting - and no shots fired - on Monday evening in or around 6th Avenue and 44th Street (near the entrance of Sunset Park). According to a 72nd Precinct Community Council Member, there was a domestic disturbance in the area, but nothing that included shots or weapons.

There have been two main versions of what people saw/heard/believe happened. And while human beings are notoriously poor at being eye witnesses, it seems that SOME incident did, in fact, occur. Here's a run-down of what has come my way by way of comments, emails, and neighbors:

1. I was swimming laps in the pool when two shots rang out; cops and EMS came and one of the lifeguards reported that the someone had been shot but by he (or she) had run off.

2. We heard the shots and ran to the window to see what happened. It seems that someone got shot but ran away...there were lots of people screaming and running in all directions; the police got there pretty fast though.

3. Neighbors say that the car drove on 44th Street and shot into the park from the street just past 6th Avenue.

4. It's a fact, unfortunately. I live...right at that corner and a woman in our building was walking by when it happened and saw the whole thing. It was right outside the playground...apparently there was an argument and then he pulled out a gun and shot into the air...everyone was afraid to tell the police anything b/c the rumor was that it was gang related.

Obviously, the police and an ambulance responded to something within minutes of two shots being fired. Could both described versions (one with shots from a car into the park, one with someone shooting into the air near the playground) have occurred? Well, two shots seems to be the consistent number, and it's possible, considering the proximity of the 6th Avenue entrance to the playground, that one person near the playground argued with another person in a car and shots were fired as a warning. However, several people have mentioned someone running away with a wound of some kind. Since hospitals are required to report all gun shots, it's likely that no one showed up to a hospital.

While it's understandable that someone would be nervous about reporting information if gangs were involved, it seems that shots were fired within feet of the playground...and the playground was busy and full at the time. Even shots that go into the air need to adhere to gravity at some point. If we shrug and say "Well, no one got hurt" or "It was only shots fired" this time, it shows these thugs that they are safe from repercussions and from a watchful community. NYC in 2008 has already had far too many incidents where children were hurt or killed by stray bullets. Do a google search for 2008 NYC Children Stay Bullet and see what comes up.

Again, according the precinct, no 911 or precinct calls were made regarding the incident (although I wonder how they arrived so quickly). If anyone saw anything regarding this incident, call the precinct to report it: 718 965 6311. And if there is no answer (like this morning), call the Community Affairs office at 718 965 6326; they have an answering machine. Otherwise, as a last resort since this is not an immediate incident, you can call 911.


Anonymous said...

If a tree falls in the woods and there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

I mean really, this sort of thing is pretty common in SP, and no, the police aren't going to be of much help unless there is a body. Been there. Done that.

Here's what it looks like when there is a body.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Thanks for the Philosophy 101 take on the issue.

So, according to you, because it's common (which I'd say is at least an eight to thirteen year old attitude) we should all just turn away and accept it? Those of us who use the park and have children that we'd like to see grow up feel differently. There are more families in Sunset Park than any other population, despite what some others might want the general public to believe.

Anonymous said...

"Been there. Done that."

Oh so blase. As if you wouldn't mess your pants like the rest of us if a gun were pointed at you.