Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where to Donate Clothing in Sunset Park

This question occasionally crops up on local listserves and information boards. So, if you're not up for a stoop sale, if you don't want the front of your building/stoop to display your past wardrobe, and if you have a clothing in good condition that just doesn't fit or doesn't display your inner self anymore, what do you do?

ChiPs is a popular option, but it's far away. Those bins around Brooklyn always seem a little...I don't know...violated. The Salvation Army can work, but sometimes it seems like the donated bag(s) gets tossed into a molding, steaming corner of oblivion. Well, there is another option.

*** Update ***
The CFL apparently had a problem with a donation that brought bed bugs with it, so they stopped accepting clothing. Call them to see if the clothing ban is still in effect. They are definitely accepting food donations to the pantry!

Another place to consider is the Center for Family Life Thrift Store, here in Sunset Park at 5505 4th Avenue. The Thrift Store is part of the Center's community service program. I encourage you to consider placing your donation there--but definitely call ahead for the hours! The number is (718) 492 3585. Please note that even though it's a thrift store, families in need can and do receive items for free.

from the website:

Community Service Programs

The mission of the Community Service Program is to address the urgent needs of residents in Sunset Park who are experiencing an acute crisis. The Community Service Program acts as both a resource and a gateway to help enhance individual functioning, family stability and community building in Sunset Park. Access to all service components is open and eligibility determinations are minimal.

The Community Service Program is an informal, accessible point of entry into the Center for Family Life's comprehensive service system. As such, it provides a valuable first point of contact for many neighborhood residents who ultimately may choose to engage in other more “high intensity” services.

The Community Service Program provides a variety of integrated services and activities that are available to the community daily, year round and at no charge. Five primary services have been developed in direct response to the needs of the community:

  1. Thrift Shop: Provides families in need with used clothing, household items and furniture at no cost. Also sells merchandise at very low cost to the general population in Sunset Park.
  2. Food Pantry: Distributes emergency 3-day supplies of groceries to individuals and families in order to help them through a time of crisis. This program receives referrals from more than 20 neighborhood churches and human service organizations, as well as from community members themselves.
  3. Advocacy Clinic: Assists Sunset Park residents through the use of numerous supports, such as benefits counseling, translation services and referrals. Helps individuals and families access and use government services and resolve matters related to healthcare, housing, utilities, tax credits and immigration. The Clinic is also a registration location for the Fresh Air Fund.
  4. “Single Stop”: Hosting multiple services which can be accessed in one location for customer convenience, Single Stop provides a familiar and comfortable environment where clients can receive professional consultation and support to address financial, legal and personal issues that they face, all at no cost.
  5. EITC Tax Filing: Provides free tax filing assistance to families with dependent children with incomes less than $40,000 per year, or individuals with incomes less than $20,000 per year, as well as back filing for Earned Income Tax Credit for families who were eligible for the benefit and did not file previously.

Community Service Program
5505 Fourth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 492-3585

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thanks for this post, this is the second time I've googled and come across the post to get the contact info for the community service program.