Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where Was the Kidsmobile Today?

I'm quite sure that I was much more interested in seeing the Kidsmobile today at 10 AM than my toddler was, but I think I did detect a glimmer of disappointment in his eyes. Not to worry, we ended up at the Library for story-time anyway. However, I was curious as to why it would dismiss Sunset Park on the second Tuesday of its summer run. So, of course, I called the handy-dandy information number.

Staff Meeting. The bane of work schedules everywhere. That was the explanation. It wasn't the sprinkling of rain at around 10 AM. It wasn't that the turnout was mainly adults and not children last week. It was simply a need to have the staff of the Brooklyn Library and its Kidsmobile get together for some informational time.

The good news is that from now on the Kidsmobile will be showing up at about 10 AM EVERY Tuesday for the rest of the summer.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the Kidsmobile played reggaeton loud enough to vibrate the brownstones it would attract a younger crowd.

Machetes, you say. So what are the little darlings doing with those?