Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Con Ed Emergency at Rest

Seeing a conEdison Emergency Truck on your block is usually a sight met with trepidation. However, these photos sent in by a reader caused a different reaction.

It's not that the conEd workers were napping; everyone needs a siesta now and then. The aggravation stemmed from their truck idling (most likely for the air conditioning) for an hour, according to my neighbor. As she said: "The truck was on and both passengers were asleep for at least an hour! I thought it was interesting since they provide energy and were acting wasteful."

Thanks for the extra exhaust, conEd. Since they are parked right by the park, I'm surprised they didn't just rest on the grass; it's cool and the shade provides some effective sunblock and nap-time.


Brent & April said...

Let us all ban idling cars, concrete or asphalt, testing on animals for the betterment of humans and oil.

By acting wasteful, they were ensuring that the big bad oil companies had the money to survey, find, drill and pump more oil. Then refine that oil to gasoline and transport it to the gas station for you to buy for a whopping $.10 per gallon profit (in New York you pay about $.68 in state and federal taxes per gallon, $.18 federal). With those huge profits by the government they are then able to give all the welfare babies their checks. It is a win, win situation.



BestViewInBrooklyn said...

An irate commenter made several references to fornication in his comment, so I've edited just those words, with quotation marks around the offending phrases, to still give you the gist. I wouldn't want to be accused of being a fornicating censorship advocate. And for the record, my workplace doesn't have air conditioning PLUS I have 34 sweating adolescents to add to the atmosphere. Read the post again for the actual complaint, fornicator.

So I guess to all you "fornicating" yuppies who work in nice air conditioned offices, a working man/woman isn't allowed to take a lunch break.I'd like to see one of you "funkyheads" work in a steel box under the ground with cables supplying 13,ooo volts each surrounding you,for 16 hours,which by the way is a standard shift for emegency departments. Next time mind your "fornicatin'" business and keep walking.....