Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dirty Diapers and Toilet Paper Belong in the Garbage Bin.

We were at the park pretty early this morning, and after doing a round of the park and admiring the dogs, we headed for the playground. Sadly, we passed on the play area because it was still filthy from people using it as a cafeteria/marketplace/dumping ground the day before, the sprinkler was on, the staff was very busily cleaning up the junk others left behind, and older folks were using it as a personal gym. I soon realized that I needed to brave the bathroom despite knowing it was too early for the AM cleaning. The last stall was surprisingly free of debris, but the other three were pretty gross.

This photo was taken at about 8:15 AM this morning. Not only is there a dirty diaper on the toilet, but the toilet paper has various shades of human (I think) secretions. Happily, they don't show in the photo. What is wrong with people? There is a huge garbage can right in the bathroom, and the TP goes in the toilet. If you can't be responsible for a diaper or getting your used TP into the proper place, don't leave the apartment.

The good news is that there was soap in the dispenser and the water faucet worked very well today.


Andrea Janes said...

If I have one complaint about SP, both the park and the nabe, it's that sometimes it's incredibly dirty.
People in our building leave garbage lying around all the time, including half-eaten food, which obviously is such a bad idea in addition to being super rude and inconsiderate.
I often ask myself, who are you people? Why would you treat your home -- or park -- this way? It's beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Hey A.

The thing that'll really cheese your biscuit is when you see a mother letting her children piss on the tyres of a parked Range Rover. But to answer your question; walk down 5th ave. on Saturday night. You'll see for yourself who they be, as anyone walking the ave sunday morning knows.

DKM said...

As was pointed out a couple of months ago in the (syndicated?) "Ask a Mexican" column in the Voice, Latin Americans, and I'd assume moreso for recently arrived immigrants like we have in the neighborhood, are used to terrible plumbing systems which can't handle the extra load of toilet paper without backing up.

A recent trip to Peru verified this -- there are little garbage cans in EVERY bathroom I came across (though often not TP which you've just got to keep on you at all times).

So maybe we just need a cool poster campaign lauding the effectiveness of Brooklyn's poo-pipes?

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

When I lived in Costa Rica and traveled in Guatemala and Mexico, nothing but organic materials went in the toilet (I traveled low-end, not Marriott). So, no matter what you did in there, the tp and any other "sanitary" accessories went in the trash can. Key words: "went in the trash can." It didn't go on the floor. Choices like putting a diaper on top of a toilet or dumping your used TP on the floor are just that: choices.

I don't think it's only recent immigrants making ugly choices like that. Besides, if you've lived here long enough to be using Pampers Cruisers on your kid's butt, you know the plumbing and trash situation well enough to use it properly. Diapers: Trash Can. TP: toilet (or if you want to, I suppose the trash can would also do).

Anonymous said...

It is not only children who piss on the tires of parked Range Rover, a lot of adults also do that. I live in 47th street close to 5th av and have seen this happening many times during my late night walks. This is especially acute on 5th avenue by the side of Sunset Park, mainly because this area is deserted in the night. I avoid that area during my walks now.
I saw it happening in 47th street, close to 5th avenue yesterday. It is truly disgusting.

Vanessa said...

As nasty as it is, this happens ALL over the city, not just Sunset Park. Has anyone been to Prospect Park or Union Square on a Sunday morning?? ick -- they've got dirty diapers and fast food crap there too. We can only control what we bring in and take out and hope that people will mimic.