Friday, August 29, 2008

Four More Days to Enjoy the Pool!

The New York City Pools will be closing on Monday, so get yourself over to the Sunset Pool and enjoy it while you can. It's been incredibly empty lately, and lots of kids are learning to love the sand volleyball court as a sandbox.

The hours on Monday are ONLY from 11 - 3 PM, then it's over! Enjoy.

This photo is from the Sunset Park Pool in 1952.
I can't use it for the "Then and Now"
because I'd have no comparison; photos are not
allowed in the pool area now!


Steven Baird said...

Well, they look a little too pale to be now. But, I bet most of them were children of immigrants so not much has changed. I love that our neighborhood is still (barely) affordable enough to offer people a new life.

Anonymous said...

Shame about that, it would have made a great comparison. But perhaps the fact that you're not allowed to take a picture at all is a good comparison, yes? Time has certainly changed things.