Monday, August 25, 2008

Light Industry hosts "L.A. Plays Itself" and "Sex Garage"

On Tuesday, at 8 PM, Light Industry will host William E. Jones as he presents Two Films by Fred Halsted. Both films deal with gay porn in early 70's Los Angeles.

Sex Garage is black and white, and, according to the information provided by Light Industry, showed one of the early examples of bisexuality in gay porn. According to the description, there is also an early example of man and machine, in the intimate sense.

L.A. Plays Itself deals with "beautiful young men in sylvan Malibu Canyon and boy hustlers on the mean streets of Hollywood." Urban/pastoral juxtaposition?

The films will be presented by William E. Jones, a film-maker who is working on a book about Fred Halsted.

See Light Industry's website for more specific descriptions of the films and the presenter. As always, tickets are $6 at the door. And you'll find the door at 55 33rd Street on the 3rd floor.

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