Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunset BID Bag of Recyclables but Not Returnables

This was lovingly left behind by someone who collected lots of Poland Spring water bottles. There are also a few Arizona Ice Tea and other non-refundable cans and bottles included. This morning, I spotted a few of our local shopping-cart-returnables-collectors stop and look at the bag, but they didn't take it. It's business, not environmental!

What I want to know, however, is what is a Sunset Park Business Improvement District bag full of recycling doing in a tree well and not in a recycling bin? Who left it there? The bag is in good condition, so I doubt it was swiped by one of the regular collectors. Besides, they know better than to collect bottles that aren't worth five or ten cents.

See what happens when you don't give people monetary incentive? Just one more reason to support NYPIRG's "Bigger Better Bottle Bill." Check it out here. Either way, if it's still there later, I'll stick it in front of my building for pick-up. Can I get ticketed for that?

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laura said...

Hmmmm...a mystery by a tree grows in Brooklyn... Can we add you to the list of BBBB endorsers? Laura Haight (NYPIRG)