Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunset's Green Market Has Eggs, Honey, and Cranberry Beans

Here's a comment left by Stacey, the Sunset Park Farmers' Market Manager:

Cash is most welcome at the market but I forgot to mention that we also accept Mastercard/VISA and EBT/Food Stamps. If you want to use your credit card/debit or EBT card just find me - I'm easy to spot in a yellow shirt - and I can swipe your card and give you tokens that you can use like cash at any of the 4 farm stands.

And thanks for pointing out that Rexcroft does sell eggs and honey, too! Hope to see you at the market. Every week the bounty from each farm grows and grows and gets more colorful too! Did you see the fresh cranberry beans Angel Growers was selling last week!? They were beautiful!

Eggs, honey, AND cranberry beans? I missed the cranberry beans, so I guess I'll have to check it out. And who knew that you could use plastic at the market? With just four stands, it seems too small for that, but I guess that's the wonder of technology. Also, the option she mentions about getting tokens sounds enticing. Lots of ways to support the Green Market!

Maybe next year we'll even get baked goods and apple cider. Actually, maybe we'll get apple cider this year.

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Anonymous said...

The honey is yummy!!