Saturday, August 23, 2008

Theatre is a Success in Sunset Park

The crowded day of theatre in Sunset Park on Saturday entertained all comers. First, at 4 PM the Curious Frog Theatre Company used the center grassy area (perhaps to the dismay of the soccer players) to present Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Cheery chalk announcements led the audience to the show. If anyone who went has a photo, I'd love to post it. I didn't get one. From what I heard, one problem with the over-lapped-scheduling was that once the 5:30 PM show began, the audience for Shakespeare drifted over to hear the Spanish-language play and music.

While the Curious Frogs were still packing up, the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre Company began performing Los Jibaros Progresistas to an appreciative, mainly standing, audience. Toddlers danced and clapped during the songs, adults laughed at the jokes, and Sunset's local characters even got involved and showed their appreciation. See below.

Thanks to the sponsors of each event, and congratulations to Maria Roca and the Friends of Sunset Park for another successful, free, accessible day in our park.

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