Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bloomberg to Deposit Money in Sunset Park's Amalgamated

Want to meet the mayor? Want to see a bank receive a deposit instead of a bail-out? Will you be around on Monday?

The new Amalgamated on 5th Avenue and 45th Street will receive a $10 million deposit on Monday as part of the City's Banking Development District program. Mayor Bloomberg will arrive on Monday the 29th of September to deposit the money in the hopes that Amalgamated will help Sunset Park provide full banking services to its residents.

It's true that the CitiBank in the 50's is often overrun with people at the ATM and in line for services. And while 8th Avenue has no shortage of banks, and 4th Avenue has a Commerce and Chase 12 blocks apart, 5th Avenue hasn't had a lot of bank attention. However, at least two more banks are set to open up along 5th Avenue at some point in the near future...but who knows what near future means these days where banking is concerned.

Could be a good photo opportunity for the mayor. Check it out.


Chris Havens said...

Good to see the limited banking community in the area being supported at the highest levels!

Sunset Park Autonomous Zone said...

The mayor did not show. Where did you get your info?

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

It was part of a press release about the event. That's a least they still got the cash and lots of balloons. What else could he possibly have to do? Figure out how to run for a third term? ;)