Sunday, September 21, 2008

Circus Amok Stopped By in Sunset Park

On Friday, at about 5:30 PM, Circus Amok landed in Sunset Park to delight and amaze children and adults alike. The entertainers presented "Sub-Prime Sublime" - which tells you what some of the topics were. One circus-goer wrote: "The performance, while geared towards children, provided laughs for adults as it was very politically inspired and based. For example, they talked about today's topics, such as the mortgage crisis, the economy, and elections. This was done by injecting these topics in a satirical manner during their performances. While these are extremely sensitive topics, they were deftly handled." She went on to say that her daughter was also entertained the entire time thanks to the bright colors, make-up, and constant activity on stage. Other parents also said that they and their kids really had fun at the performance. The "bearded lady" and tight-rope walker were especially popular, as was the band and juggling.

Thanks to Vanessa Velez of for the photos!

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