Monday, September 22, 2008

Dirt Pile Becomes Kids' Joy

It's been sitting there, in the center of the last few feet of the promenade, for over a week. What began as a fairly loose pile of dirt has morphed into a kiddie biker's dream. What this dirt pile has lost in height, it has gained in width. It also has several adrenalin inducing humps that send bikes sailing.

It looks like the young people who have centered the trail managed to center it between two of the poles that keep motorized vehicles from racing through the promenade area. There's quite a rut there in the center, although it's difficult to see from this photo.

I've seen kids biking, attempting to skateboard, climbing, and even some digging in this pile. What I'd like to know, however, is where is it supposed to go? And why was it dropped off more than a full week before anyone had solid plans for it? I mean, I'm a fan of dirt as much as the next mom, but didn't "they" figure it would immediately become a bike ramp? That was the first thing I thought of last weekend!

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