Monday, October 20, 2008

Beware of Energy Scams by Phone and Door-to-Door

On Friday, Lost in Greenwood Heights posted a warning on about IDT doing aggressive recruitment in Greenwood Heights and other Brooklyn neighborhoods. The seventh post in the thread about IDT gives some specific information about a call from a woman who claimed to be from National Grid but couldn't give any particular information.

Today, GowanusLounge adds (thanks to a neighborhood listserve) that a company called Accent Energy has been making calls about wind energy and promised "rebates." Check out the link for the full story. They also have links to the details from last week.

Basically, if you receive a call or visit from someone about energy savings (obviously a big deal right now!), be wary and suspicious and careful with your personal and account information.

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Vanessa said...

IDT was VERY aggressive on my block last year. They didn't leave my door steep until I signed a contract! After a lengthy discussion about cancellation fees, I decided to give them a try (against my husbands wishes). Because I was curious about the "10% discount" and the black outs during the summers with Con Ed were fresh memories, I was already wondering if there was someone else that provided energy.

Well, It's been a year and we have noticed a drastic increase in our electric bills with in the past 3 months. We noticed that the bills didn't change that much at first. Bills were almost identical to the bills from Con Ed last year, but now they are REALLY high. Like 40% higher!! So, We will be switching to Con Ed again.