Monday, October 20, 2008

Light Industry Probes the Trouble with Genres

Tuesday at Light Industry will feature a Su Friedrich curated group of films that span many different genres. As Su Friedrich, a fellow fervent lover of parentheses, explains:

I will screen a number of films that represent what I see as various genres within the avant-garde. (Yes, Hollywood thinks they can and should have everything that’s identifiable and nameable while we’re just constantly “experimenting," but I say we avant-garders and avant-gardettes have also laid claim to genres—albeit sometimes unwittingly, but that’s where our love of experimenting comes in!) The program isn’t totally set, but it will cover the following genres (and more): the single-shot film, the film that combines strict formalism with direct political content (n.b.: someone will win a prize at the screening for coining a name for that one), the documentary, the purely visual, the primarily text-based, the animated, the sexy, the found footage, the led-by-narration, and maybe even the silly. I recognize that “silly” might not (yet) be a genre.

Sounds like an eclectic evening of exposure to a variety of genres, and their could be a prize for creative naming. What is the prize? Considering that people will wait in line at fairs to get a free pen or beach ball (I did.), I'm sure it's worthy of some genre-naming effort.

Stop on by at 8 PM on Tuesday to enjoy; bring six bucks to the door to get in.

Light Industry
55 33rd Street, 3rd Floor

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