Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunset Park Green Market will be a Tree Adoption Site!

Two of my favorite things come together on October 18th: Trees and Free Stuff. From 9 AM to 2 PM (I'd get there earlier), homeowners and community groups can come to the Sunset Park Green Market on October 18th to Adopt a Tree. We will be the only Brooklyn location. For the other borough locations, check out the CENYC link below. The Sunset Park Green Market is on 4th Avenue and 59th/60th Streets. While checking out the trees, be sure to pick up some squash, apples, celery, and so on from the stands.

From the Council on the Environment of NYC website:

MillionTreesNYC, through the generous sponsorship of American Express, has 1,250 FREE trees available for adoption by homeowners and community groups. Trees will be distributed by New York Restoration Project (NYRP). Note individuals and families are limited to adopting one tree per household; and all tree recipients are required to register their new tree at www.milliontreesnyc.org. Interested community groups that can plant and care for 5-10 trees should contact mcrowley@nyrp.org before October 18th.

(a shout-out to those of us who rent:) For residents who do not have their own yard to plant a tree, information on volunteering, educational programming and contributing to MillionTreesNYC will also be available.

A variety of trees of different sizes, including flowering and medium and large canopy (shade) trees will be available. MillionTreesNYC horticultural staff will be present to provide advice on which species tree is best for your home.

Sounds good to me. In fact, I'll be happy to assist with the care and maintenance of a tree if it means I can let my kid run around your yard a couple of times a week. Seriously, let me know!

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