Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunset Park is Honored with "Fedders Friday" status

Miss Heather of newyorkshitty is at it again. She had a field day over here in Sunset. First, our Sunset Mickey received enhancement, then a laundromat ready for the holidays was highlighted, and now...our newest brick and balconied buildings are given the grand prize: Fedders Friday recognition.

It's no secret that there is a more than fair share amount of new construction in Sunset, and the ravaging of brownstones has been a topic of concern (and derision) over the last year or so. However, if you want a crash course in the "uglification"* of the area, check out this entry's photos and commentary. I particularly appreciate her keen eye when spotting drying panties in windows. (See photo to the upper-left.) She says there is more to come, and since most of the buildings seem to be in the upper streets, I don't doubt it. There's plenty more northward.

*adding the suffix -ication to adjectives is a blogger favorite. You can see this habit pop up all over web sites. I guess it's the bloggers' version of Californication.

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