Monday, November 10, 2008

Columbia has an Eye on Brooklyn and Sunset Park

Columbia's School of Journalism has an on-line blog with reporters with "beats" all over our fair borough. The Brooklyn Ink publishes stories on an irregular basis, but it has some interesting photos and articles about items that don't usually receive much attention.

One such article is "The Lost Youth of Sunset Park." One of the students highlighted in the article complains that his experience at FDR High School (one of the most racially diverse high schools in the borough) gave him a negative impression of education due to jokes and racially motivated incidents. There isn't any follow-up about his claims in the article, but either way, the 17 year-old hangs out in a local internet cafe in our Chinatown almost every day instead of going to school. Check out the article here.

Another article about our area brings up a juxtaposition we see often enough around the way: A Respectable Tenant - in this case, a church, next door to a Place of Ill Repute - in this case, a porn shop. "Love Thy Neighbor?" talks about the difficulties of trying to worship a higher being while others take care of worship using alternate methods. Read more here.

I'm sure there is more to come, so check back with The Brooklyn Ink once in a while.

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