Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Local (by way of Hong Kong) Food Maven Loves Mexican Madeleines

I ran across fine furious life - a food blog - by chance, and it is quite a treat. Not only are the photographs of food (and pet rabbits) wonderful, but the writing is crisp and entertaining, not saccharine or pretentious. The author, Michele Humes, writes for Serious Eats (both reviews and recipes), and she even has a YouTube Crepe Video that is as much fun to watch as it is to anticipate re-creating. There's also a project she co-authored called noodlr.net that provides ideas for meals focused on...Noodles. She lives "on the edge of Sunset Park" - so I'll claim her as a neighbor.

Her post yesterday about Mexican Madeleines is lovely (despite the commentary about Webster's spelling):

...long having eyed the lurid pink pastries with “skepticism” (I’ll never understand how you people can stand to spell it that way), I finally bought one of Jirasol’s. I took it home, bit into it (ok, you got me, I photographed it first), and promptly burst into tears. It’s not often that the cuisines of China and Mexico intersect, so I don’t know quite how this came to be, but the concha tasted exactly like the bolo bao, or pineapple bun, of my Hong Kong childhood.

That's just a sample. Check it out.

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