Friday, November 28, 2008

TimeOut New York Has Sunset Park Singer in its "Sights"

Accompanied by several photos of her possessions (in a kitchen where only tea is brewed!), TONY highlights Shara Worden, the lead singer of My Brightest Diamond, and her eclectically decorated apartment. It also has a separate section with her reasons for living in Sunset Park. That part was, of course, what interested my most.

The main "pro" is what a lot of people who work and play in Manhattan say: Quicker trains than much of affordable Brooklyn (Bay Ridge, in Ms. Worden's case).

I'm confused by her con, however. She said that there isn't a lot of park space...hmmmm. I suppose it depends on where you live. But in the 30's, there is Green-Wood Cemetery, which makes for a fantastic walk. And lots of people use Sunset Park (the actual park) for jogging. The sidewalks on 41st and 44th are also utilized quite effectively for a challenging jog. Everyone from Orthodox men in full dress to a woman who runs in a jogging outfit complete with a winter coat to a group of four tween boys who regularly jog up and down the hill encouraging one of them that "Yes, he can!" make it up the hill.

That section also gives some space to places like Eclipse, La Fe, Sunset Park Diner and Donuts, and Melody Lanes (just for the bartender).

Check out the "Why Sunset Park?" section here.


wannabe grower said...

No, it's true, this neighborhood does suck for running. Running around the cemetery is really the only traffic-free option; down to Owls Head park and the promenade is good too, but still it's over a mile before you're out of traffic. Running around Sunset Park -- it's less than 1 mile to go all the way around the park. If you're actually trying to run as a workout, that means going around the darn thing numerous times which is a) boring, b) really hard on your calves and achilles (going up) and quads (going down). I'm a runner, I find a way to make it work, but this neighborhood is not a good neighborhood for running. It's one reason why I really hope the new park down on the piers (if it ever happens) has more dedicated running space, including hopefully a good track a la Red Hook.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I guess that shows how much I run...never. Unless it's for the bus or from the cold.

However, it is GREAT for walking. ;)