Thursday, November 13, 2008

Walking Tour of Sunset Park

Have some time on Sunday? Have an extra $10-$13 on you? This sounds like an excellent opportunity to get to know the neighborhood's history and culture (and get a little exercise in).

Thanks to Kristen Goode, Brooklyn's connection at , for sending this my way...I'd have had no idea otherwise!

Brooklyn local, Joe Svehlak, takes a look at Sunset Park's historic roots and many diverse ethnic groups. Sunday, 2 PM to 4:30 PM. The tour begins at the NE corner of 43rd Street and 4th Avenue. Call 718-522-7425* for more information and for reservations.

Check out the website for a full description.

* An anonymous commenter said that the best number to call is 718-788-8500, extension 217, and you can find that on the website above.

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Anonymous said...

This tour is being sponsored by the Center for the Urban Environment. The phone number for information is actually 718-788-8500, ext. 217 or check the website, www.the for this and other tours