Friday, December 5, 2008

Busted Break-In on 45th Street

Good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: It's not only cars that suffer break-ins! A neighbor reports that a house on 45th Street was broken into and at least two houses on 44th Street were used as getaway routes, or, perhaps the houses were being cased for robberies as well. Residents of 44th Street buildings with yards facing the unlucky 45th Street house found items including a cell phone and a gold watch in their backyards. Apparently, another building's garbage had a large amount of cash stashed behind it. Either someone was in a rush, or the Easter Bunny has arrived a little early.

The good news? Based on Police Officer guided German Shepherd noses, body odor detected on the watch and cell phone helped to apprehend two suspects who both had thousands of dollars on them.

Thanks to the residents who called the police to alert them about strange items in their yards. Keep your eyes, ears, and apparently noses alert and call 911 if you sense strange or dangerous behavior around your way. Seriously, let's all help to keep the neighborhood safer.

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