Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ellis Bar and Eurotrip get Reviewed by the Big Guns

It's quite the week for eating and drinking establishments in what real estate types still insist on calling South Slope (are we really calling it SoSlo?). Ellis Bar is reviewed by The Village Voice, and Eurotrip is reviewed by The New York Times.

Devoting three paragraphs to the dangerous delights and impressive history of Ellis' fry bread, The Village Voice's review of Ellis Bar is appreciative, if confused. The Voice's reviewer was disappointed in the rattlesnake and catfish, but thrilled with the homemade pepper jelly, meatloaf, and (most of) the drinks.

See my neighbor Vanessa's reaction to her meal at Ellis Bar here. She liked the rattlesnake better than The Voice did.

The Times gives Eurotrip a slightly condescending review, that likes the gooey, fried Edam cheese and the Slavik halusky (potatoes, bacon, cheese...), but calls the wine selection a "heartfelt attempt" (can't you picture the pat on the head?) to represent central Europe. The reader is encouraged to stick to the beer and stay away from the wine. "All is forgiven" the reviewer says, if you choose the hot Berlin cider to finish up your meal. It does sound good, but for $8, I'll heat up my own cider, thanks. Perhaps there is a smaller, cheaper version available?

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