Tuesday, December 30, 2008

IDT is Here - and How to File a Complaint

According to at least one Brooklynian poster (on 12/26), the IDT people have reached Sunset Park. Many Brooklyn residents have had trouble with the representatives (who are probably paid on commission) being very aggressive, lying about or hiding information, and even responding to refusals to sign-up with verbal harassment. Apparently, representatives will sometimes get into coop buildings and knock on doors to find "customers." It seems like they are moving south in their quest to switch people over. In case you have encountered IDT and had a negative experience, here is a reposting of excellent instructions for filing a complaint. If you haven't, be aware that they might be ringing your bell soon.

These complaint instructions are courtesy of someone who doesn't want the credit - via Brooklynian.

I was contacted for the second time by an anonymous tipster who recommended yet another venue to complain against IDT Energy's (IDT Corporation) and Midtown Promotions' "ESCOS Slamming" (scamming) techniques perpetrated on our communities and others through out Brooklyn, Queens and the City. While complaints to the New York State Public Service Commission and the Better Business Bureau of NJ and NY, you can also submit anonymous complaints against IDT to their auditor, Grant Thorton LLP ( http://www.grantthornton.com/ ) via an ethics complaint company EthicsPoint.

Thanks to the hundreds of you who have responded (with horror stories, unfortunately) to date.

We have filed two complaints as of today:

1. Falsification of contracts, reports or records (i.e. if you were ESCOS Slammed)

2. Misconduct or inappropriate behavior (i.e. "Hi, I work for Con Ed/Nat Grid and I can save you $$" or aggressive sales tactics)

I encourage EVERYONE who has written/called us or posted complaints on browstoner, gowanuslounge or brooklynian or to CB7 to take the 10 mins to file one or two complaints.

Here's how you go about filing an on-line complaint (you can do it by phone as well at 866-739-4134):

1. Visit https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/en/report_custom.asp?clientid=15191 or via Grant Thorton LLP's website, under the "ethics" link at the bottom of every page.

2. Click on the "Make a Report" button (this will take you to the Ethicspoint.com portal)

3. You will see options on how to report a single or multiple ethics transgressions against IDT Energy (IDT Corporation) and their third-party sales team at Midtown promotions (Chris Polke, CEO) as it states "You are currently in the confidential and secure reporting structure of EthicsPoint. Below are the choices available to you. Please click on the arrow to select the type of report you would like to make."

4. Depending on whether you were "ESCOS slammed" (ie. signed up for service change to IDT Energy with out your permission) or scammed by a sales rep into thinking the change "will save you money" or if they represented themselves as "working for Con Ed or National Grid."

5. As per above, select either (or both): Falsification of contracts, reports or records and/or Misconduct or inappropriate behavior

It is important to fill out as much info as you may have, which can be done anonymously, but make sure to reference you are "filing a complaint against IDT Energy (IDT Corporation) and their 3rd-party sales team Midtown Promotions to the independent auditor Grant Thorton LLP."

It's that easy (really)! Took me longer to read my e-mail than to file the complaint Smile

Grant Thorton LLP MUST investigate all ethics charges and report them back to their board and subsequently to the SEC and other agencies due to IDT Energy's conduct and if it deemed unethical or illegal. Think about Enron and Arthur Anderson...ring a bell?

Ultimately it's all up to you. I'm just passing along the info. This and help from our local electeds should help us turn the tide against this type of improper sales tactics!

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The Phantom said...

I think I've seen them in Bay Ridge.

The guy was indeed very aggressive. I said no, the guy walked away, but then he came back when I was discussing with my neighbor, for a second hard sell. Its like he was mad that I said no.