Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunset Park DJ Interviewed by Fellow Musician

I'm surely far too un-hip to know about DJ/Rupture (or is it just Rupture?) on my own, but I do hear about certain people and events thanks to neighbors and some old-school mixed with new-fangled research skills. (And that's how I found this fantastic portrait of DJ/Rupture. I thank orienomada at flickr for sharing images with the public.)

DJs, to me, mean radio personalities and unseen mixers of dance tunes at Body and Soul (not the current party, when it was cheaper, in Tribeca, and not at Webster Hall). And this video highlights a local guy who seems to do a little of both. The reason I am sharing this is because the clips of his music that are included in the interview are pretty darn excellent. The veggie dance animation is a little art school-ish, but who cares? At least it's veggies.

The beginning of the interview (which begins with a smart, colorful backdrop choice of the music mural up from 5th Avenue) is on 45th Street, and follows Rupture on the R train and into Manhattan to do his show at WFMU (I think that's the set of call letters I saw on the video). About Sunset Park, he talks about the huge amount of stores that cater to Latin Music around us. In fact, there are fewer now than just a few years ago. This Dutty Artz video is worth a few minutes of time, anyway. Here you go. And if you want to know more about him after seeing it, do a search or just go here.

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