Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend Reading about Sunset Park

Since the weather outside is frightful, here's some weekend reading about our fair locale and its inhabitants. Enjoy.

From the Columbia School of Journalism: An article (maybe more of an essay) about a Sunset Park gang member from the 70's and 80's. He's grown-up a lot. Read "Nono's Journey" at The Brooklyn Ink.

From The New York Times archive: An article detailing the shooting of a little girl as she walked by Sunset 1903! Or, read about the park itself, described in glowing terms in the 19th Century. Yes, the 19th Century! (To read the entire articles, you will need to download a PDF file.)

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green light said...

The article about sunset park is so cool. I guess that plan to extend the park didn't happen -- too bad, how great would it be for it to go all the way to 46th street (or beyond!). And we all know the view to the harbor, but the description of seeing the breakers of Coney Island, and the other direction, "the fertile plains and green groves of Flatbush offer an inviting panorama". Just a century ago...