Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brownstone Replacement Shows Off Ground Floor

Unfortunately, it's not a unique aesthetic. The grey marble (is it marble?) looks like it's spackled on, and new graffiti keeps showing up. At least the light fixture over the roll-down door is on straight now. It was hanging from one side the last time I saw it.

The store front has yet to be revealed. With that look, I'm guessing a nail salon or maybe a music store...but it will probably be a "grocery" that only sells diapers, formula, and candy. A new one of those just opened up in the old Ho Ho Cleaners space. Because THAT is needed in the neighborhood. Not enough Baby Dry stacked up to the ceiling around here. Why is that the "grocery" diaper of choice, anyway?


Anonymous said...

What an eye sore!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know what the deal is with those baby-goods stores, and why so many of them have been popping up on 6th and 7th aves? Is it some WIC outreach program?