Thursday, January 8, 2009

Check Out the Progress of PowerGen's Sunset Park Plant

If you're curious about what's going on concerning Astoria Generating Company's South Pier Improvement Project (it's in Sunset Park despite the Queens-leaning name), now's your chance. Need a refresher? Read this. Or, if you prefer, this.

from an email forwarded by a SPAN member:

We are pleased to update you on our progress to advance Astoria Generating Company’s South Pier Improvement Project. Our objective is to increase the supply of electricity while decreasing emissions from our facilities in Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

This document will also be available for review on our website and at:
• Community Board 7, 4201 4th Avenue,
• NYC Public Library, 5108 4th Avenue in Sunset Park,
• NYC Public Library, 7 Wolcott Street in Red Hook,

Additional information on the proposed project is available on the South Pier Improvement Project website at or call the hotline 1-888-398-USPG (8774). We look forward to your participation at the next meeting.


David Perri
Sr. Project Manager

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