Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Artistic Waterfront Attention

Here's another article touting Sunset's art spaces. It compares Sunset Park to Dumbo and Soho (again). A major difference in the neighborhoods, however, is that Sunset "emerged" a long time ago. It may not be what some consider "artsy," but it's also not what DUMBO was before the condominiums moved in. (And yes, while DUMBO was pretty sleepy, especially during off-hours, people WERE living there already!)

Here's an sampling of the article from

Still, if this were only about artists, it would be a nice story, but nothing particularly new. This project has loftier goals, of which the artists are only a small part (albeit an integral one), to establish a sustainable district around intelligent redevelopment that considers the needs of residents, workers, artists and businesses. The kind of considerations required to transform not just buildings, but the ideas of community as well.

Not the ideas of THE community, the ideas of community. Let's not misread it and agitate ourselves. However, new residents (even part-timers) affect their surroundings. It will be interesting to see how things develop - or don't.

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