Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunset Park in the Snow

Three separate snows on Monday kept Sunset Park looking pristine all day long.

How lovely was it? Well, two serious-looking photographers hopped out of a car to snap the image of the promenade in the snow. Standing in the middle of the street, they appeared to be competing for most professional stance while shooting. I didn't get a shot of them, and I didn't take one of the promenade, but it's nice to know that Sunset Park is a photog's destination.

Lots of kids (and adults) were using the gentle slopes down to 5th Avenue for sledding. Anyone get shots of that?

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Matt R. Horon said...

I took a jog and did a few loops through the park on Monday afternoon. Just a beautiful site, lots of kids playing and people enjoying the snow.

Temps were in the 30's so I think that might have been part of it.

That said, 2 or so month into the winter weather I'm ready for a reprieve. As idyllic as fresh snow is, I'll take the park in the spring and summer thank you very much.