Friday, January 30, 2009

Well-Deserved Kudos for a Sunset Park Honoree

The Brooklyn Eagle has its spotlight on Amy LaTorres-Rios, the director of after-school and summer school programs at the Center for Family Life. Ms. LaTorres-Rios was honored as the Brooklyn recipient of the 11th Annual PASEsetter Awards.

from The Brooklyn Eagle:

MILAGROS “AMY” LATORRES-RIOS has lived a life that defines what it means to receive from your community when in need and give back to others when able. As a 12-year-old she was invited by Center for Family Life (CFL) founder Sister Geraldine Tobia to join the Sunset Park community center, and she never left.

It goes on to highlight her community oriented career with the CFL. The article also gives details about the programs with which she works. Check out the entire article here.

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