Thursday, February 19, 2009

42nd Street Trying to Keep it Clean

The 42nd Street block between 4th and 5th is doing its best to keep trash where it belongs. That's the block with the new-ish condo building (you know, the ones that caused 43rd Street backyards to sink during its construction?).

Well, the block has several signs in Spanish and English adorning trees (must you staple into them?) that politely request that you keep your trash in the containers meant for trash. They even remind you that there are trash receptacles on every street corner!

Personally, I think the owner of the pooch below gets the point across much more succinctly. It's also on 42nd Street.


Anonymous said...

Any idea where I get one of those civic council signs.

I've been thinking of putting something similar up on my block but didn't want to come across as an ass.

The formality of it seems like it might help, no?

Anonymous said...

The sign owner shouldn't staple the sign to a tree. Instead the sign should be loosely tied to the tree. Parks could fine the owner for damaging the tree.

On a different note, I saw a sign in Brooklyn Height that read something about do not leave bread or food in the tree pit because rodents have developed an allergy to gluten. What a clever way to spread the messsage.