Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"For Rent" but Not Really on 43rd and 7th

It's a mistake. The signs (one of which seems to have blown away in the last windstorm) that say this "former SRO, current canvas for taggers" is For Rent are wrong. According to the friendly agent at Century 21 Block and Lot, there will be a "very nice building there," but the signs are a mistake. Does that mean someone new has purchased it? Nothing's on file yet. Does it mean that the friendly B&L agent didn't want to share more? Could be. It would be great to see SOMEthing happen at this location. It's been a magnet for graffiti and vandalism and broken windows for far too long.

Plans for over a year ago were to convert this SRO to a six-family. We shall see. Considering the slow progress next door, I have my doubts.

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